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Lamb Survival   -   DVD

Lamb Survival DVD presented by David Henderson

Too many lambs are lost during the first few days of life. This detailed sheep lambing video illustrates techniques to help shepherds reduce losses from hypothermia and infection. Methods illustrated include intraperitoneal injection, the use of warming boxes, colostrum, the stomach tube and fostering. This programme illustrates the techniques that can be used by shepherds and smallholders in both lowland and hill situations to keep losses to a minimum. The techniques are presented by David Henderson with the help of experienced shepherds and students.   More info

Footcare in Cattle   -   DVD

Cover picture of Footcare in Cattle DVD with Roger Blowey

Lameness and overgrown feet in general are a major problem in dairy cows. Cows affected with lameness and overgrown feet lose weight, have lowered milk yields and, in more serious cases, reduced fertility. In this programme, Roger Blowey combines theory with practice to help farmers address this major problem. Using laboratory specimens Roger first discusses the structure of the foot, the effects of foot overgrowth and how this contributes to cow discomfort and ailments such as foot ulcers. He then goes on to the farm to demonstrate trimming to a young dairy farmer.   More info

First Steps in Shearing   -   DVD

Learn to shear sheep DVD from the British Wool Marketing Board

A how-to guide for sheep keepers from the British Wool Marketing Board. Down to earth, practical and sheep-friendly, we highly recommend this DVD to anyone who wants to learn sheep shearing. Made by experienced practitioners, the DVD will assist complete beginners and anyone wishing to improve and perfect their shearing skills. Full of practical shearing and sheep handling advice, the information covered includes preparation of the shearing area, equipment and safety procedures, and a detailed 'blow by blow' shearing demonstration.   More info

Blood, Sweat and Shears   -   DVD


The reality of life as a sheep shearing gang, during the season and at competition.

"Blood, Sweat and Shears" is a fly on the wall documentary that follows a typical shearing season for a hard working Leicestershire-based gang of shearers. More info

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