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How to solve dog behaviour problems

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In our opinion, this is the best dog behaviour DVD currently available. We use some of Jan's methods when training our own dogs to ensure control and good manners, and we always recommend the DVD to anyone who asks for advice with dog behaviour training.

Training any dog to be sociable and reliable is of paramount importance, and whether you need help with challenging behaviour, general obedience or puppy training, Jan Fennell shows how simple it is - once you understand a few basic principles.

Jan's methods are practical, and easy to understand and to incorporate into everyday life with your dog.

Jan has devoted her life to developing a unique understanding of the canine world and its instinctive language. This understanding had enabled her to bridge the barrier that separates man from his best friend. Her talent has earned her international acclaim and the nickname "The Dog Listener".

In this film, Jan demonstrates her technique and the exceptional results which it can provide. She shares her secrets and shows how it can be a much more effective and compassionate alternative to standard "obedience training".

This easy to follow approach includes case histories of problem dogs.

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