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Blood, Sweat and Shears   -   DVD


The reality of life as a sheep shearing gang, during the season and at competition.

"Blood, Sweat and Shears" is a fly on the wall documentary that follows a typical shearing season for a hard working Leicestershire-based gang of shearers. More info

Brecon Beacons National Park   -   DVD

Brecon Beacons National Park DVD with Iolo Williams

Discover one of the UK's finest areas of wildlife and natural beauty. The Brecon Beacons National Park is packed with exciting scenery and things to do. This is the official Brecon Beacons National Park DVD.   More info

Border Collie Sheepdogs - Off Duty!   -   DVD

picture of the DVD and case

GUARANTEED - one of the best fun Border Collie DVDs! Imagine over twenty sheepdogs and puppies racing through fields, woods and bridleways, over styles, swimming, digging, exploring, playing - spending a day by the sea, and Mel shooting a very funny Sega computer game advert . . . We've lost count of letters, emails and wonderful comments from delighted viewers! Your family and friends will watch it again and again!   More info

Border Collie Sheepdogs & Friends - Still Off Duty!   -   DVD

Christmas and holiday entertainment DVD for all the family.

The SEQUEL to Border Collie Sheepdogs - Off Duty! This DVD is guaranteed to keep any dog loving family enthralled for hours! If you liked 'Off Duty', you're in for a real treat. 'Still Off Duty' brings lots more fun and great sheepdog action, but with the addition of Lily the Great Dane, Eris the Lurcher and the Chihuahuas, Alfie and Chester, to add even more variety to the fun!   More info

Come Bye and Away   -   DVD

Sheepdog training DVD by H Glyn Jones

Focusing on that crucial moment when a young dog is first let loose with sheep, Glyn Jones shows how he teaches the four key commands and gains the dog's willing co-operation. This is the core requirement in the training of a sheepdog to any level
Glyn Jones was an International Supreme Champion and three times winner of the BBC's "One Man and His Dog brace championships.   More info

Elan - 100 Years of Water and Wildlife   -   DVD

The Elan Valley Dams and how they were constructed

The Elan Valley, home of the famous Victorian Dams. THIS DVD is UNBELIEVABLY GOOD VALUE! A beautifully filmed and presented DVD covering the construction, splendour and ecology of the magnificent Victorian Elan Valley Dams and their surrounding wildlife including Red Kites and Buzzards. There's even a journey inside one of the dams.   More info

First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training   -   2xDVD

First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training Cover Picture

From ChAoS to CONTROL! A sheepdog training DVD that shows sheepdog training as it really is "warts and all". Professionally recorded, and presented in a clear easy to understand manner by sheepdog trainer Andy Nickless, who runs regular sheepdog training classes in England, this 2xDVD set shows not only how to set your dog up for success, but what to do when things go wrong (as they will for even the best sheepdog trainers).   More info

First Steps in Shearing   -   DVD

Learn to shear sheep DVD from the British Wool Marketing Board

A how-to guide for sheep keepers from the British Wool Marketing Board. Down to earth, practical and sheep-friendly, we highly recommend this DVD to anyone who wants to learn sheep shearing. Made by experienced practitioners, the DVD will assist complete beginners and anyone wishing to improve and perfect their shearing skills. Full of practical shearing and sheep handling advice, the information covered includes preparation of the shearing area, equipment and safety procedures, and a detailed 'blow by blow' shearing demonstration.   More info

Footcare in Cattle   -   DVD

Cover picture of Footcare in Cattle DVD with Roger Blowey

Lameness and overgrown feet in general are a major problem in dairy cows. Cows affected with lameness and overgrown feet lose weight, have lowered milk yields and, in more serious cases, reduced fertility. In this programme, Roger Blowey combines theory with practice to help farmers address this major problem. Using laboratory specimens Roger first discusses the structure of the foot, the effects of foot overgrowth and how this contributes to cow discomfort and ailments such as foot ulcers. He then goes on to the farm to demonstrate trimming to a young dairy farmer.   More info

ISDS International Sheep Dog Trials 2005   -   DVD

ISDS International trials 2005

Two hours of highlights and top runs from the 2005 ISDS International, held in Herefordshire, England. A spectacular setting, great weather and challenging sheep provided three exciting days of world class trialling. Supreme, Driving, Brace and Young Handler highlights are all here, plus a look around at what else was happening on the trials ground.   More info

ISDS World Trial 2005   -   2xDVD


This great value DVD set provides 4 hours of top class trialling entertainment. In July 2005, more than 240 of the best sheepdogs and their handlers from across the world met at Tullamore, in Ireland where sixteen handlers qualified for the Final Day of this great competition.
More info

It's A Dog's Life!   -   DVD

Front cover of Denise McLeod Dog's Life training DVD

Practical advice about training and living with your dog. Denise McLeod's down-to-earth approach to living with dogs is presented here in the form of a seminar. Packed full of practical information, with some illuminating and thought-provoking insights into the way your dog interprets your behaviour, "It's a Dog's Life" should prove invaluable to anyone who wants a happy, sociable and well-balanced dog in their lives. A great value DVD for anyone who owns, or is considering owning a dog.   More info

Lamb Survival   -   DVD

Lamb Survival DVD presented by David Henderson

Too many lambs are lost during the first few days of life. This detailed sheep lambing video illustrates techniques to help shepherds reduce losses from hypothermia and infection. Methods illustrated include intraperitoneal injection, the use of warming boxes, colostrum, the stomach tube and fostering. This programme illustrates the techniques that can be used by shepherds and smallholders in both lowland and hill situations to keep losses to a minimum. The techniques are presented by David Henderson with the help of experienced shepherds and students.   More info

Neth Hill Experience   -   DVD

Neth Hill Experience - sheepdogs in the Borders with Julie Hill

Complements "The Natural Way" book and training DVD.
A glimpse of the lives of working sheepdogs throughout the seasons at Carcant farm,
home of Neth Hill border collies.   More info

Sheepdog Training Tutorials Volume 1   -   2xDVD

Herding sheepdog training clearly explained and demonstrated

Chapters 1-17 of our Online Sheepdog Training Tutorials, now on DVDs. Straightforward, clear, informative, no-nonsense video tutorials for beginner and more advanced trainers. From the most basic golden Rules of sheepdog training through to starting a strong dog and more advanced topics like driving, the 17 chapters clearly show what's happening and why, then how to correct faults you see.   More info

Sheepdog Training Tutorials - Volume 2   -   2xDVD

Herding dog training DVD with case

Chapters 18-35 of our Online Sheepdog Training Tutorials, now on DVDs. In a further seventeen instructional chapters, volume two covers a variety of training challenges, from improving control and steadying the young sheepdog's work, through pen and yard work, and for the more ambitious trainers, preparation for sheepdog trials.   More info

Sheepdog Training Tutorials - Volume 3   -   2xDVD

Cover and Disks of our Sheepdog Training Tutorials DVD volume 3

Over a full sixteen chapters, volume three covers a variety of training challenges, such as dealing with a dog which is really aggressive with stock, how to get sheep away from a fence or out of a corner, understanding the point of balance and an in depth look at the sheepdog and how to prepare one for training.   More info

Starting Your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks   -   DVD


Working Border Collie magazine said:"Anyone interested in training a stock dog would benefit greatly from this production". Starting Your Border Collie takes you through the early months with your puppy, its nutritional and veterinary needs, the basic commands and then onto a full training program when five young dogs start their working lives. "Starting Your Border Collie" will be invaluable to anyone who needs an all-round working farm dog.   More info

Take Time   -   DVD

Sheep dog training with Glyn Jones

Third in the classic series of three DVDs by International Sheepdog Trials Champion H Glyn Jones assisted by BBC TV's One Man and His Dog presenter Eric Halsall, 'Take Time' shows how to cure common faults and improve the work of your dog. Glyn coaches two handlers (one a shepherdess, the other a smallholder) and their dogs.
Glyn Jones takes two very different dogs and their handlers through their paces.   More info

That'll Do   -   DVD

herding sheepdog training  dvd with Glyn Jones

Widening the dog's experience. Second in a series of three DVDs by International Sheepdog Trials Champion H Glyn Jones assisted by BBC TV's One Man and His Dog presenter Eric Halsall, 'That'll Do!' takes the sheepdog's training to a more advanced stage than 'Come Bye! And Away!' and is the only DVD we know of that includes Brace Work.
The young pup, Jimmy, from the first DVD is now taught to control his sheep.   More info

The Dog Listener   -   DVD

Advert for The Dog Listener dog training DVD by Jan Fennell

In our opinion, this is the best dog behaviour DVD currently available. Training any dog to be sociable and reliable is of paramount importance, and whether you need help with challenging behaviour, general obedience or puppy training, Jan Fennell shows how simple it is - once you understand a few basic principles. Jan's methods are practical, and easy to understand and to incorporate into everyday life with your dog.   More info

The Natural Way   -   DVD

Herding Sheepdog training dvd with Julie Hill

A new DVD from International Supreme and Brace trials winner, Julie Hill. Julie uses the same subtle body language and gestures that dominant members of the pack use towards others, She reads the dog's own body language to adapt her approach to suit each individual's temperament and ability. The Natural Way techniques can be equally applied to pet and working dogs.   More info

Thirty Years of One Man and His Dog   -   2xDVD

Sheepdog trials TV programme - One Man and His Dog

A collection of sheepdog trials TV programmes. The best of the long running classic BBC television series One Man & His Dog. This 2xDVD set's a delight for anyone who enjoyed the series and shows many excellent examples of sheepdogs at work. The second DVD shows a modern day One Man and His Dog trial.   More info

To The Border Bred   -   DVD

Shepherds and their sheepdogs on DVD To The Border Bred

Living and working with the Border Collie, documentary. Beautifully filmed, "To The Border Bred" will appeal to all lovers of the Border collie. With the stunning backdrop of Northumberland and the Scottish Borders this DVD captures the working and emotional bond between the shepherd and his dogs. Required viewing for anyone who's ever pondered the Quad Bike vs Border Collie question!   More info

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