DVD – Sheepdog Training Tutorials (Volume 1)

Almost 3 HOURS of herding sheepdog training on two disks

A picture of the Sheepdog Training Tutorials DVDs and Case

From The Golden Rule of Sheepdog Training and Starting a Puppy through to Driving, Shedding and Starting a Strong Dog and how to remain calm but firm during training.

This great 2xDVD set contains the first 17 sheepdog training tutorials that originally appeared as part of the online tutorial programme on the Working Sheepdog Website.

It covers the topics that most handlers have questions about - from your pup's very first introduction to sheep, through outruns and how to improve them, close work including getting sheep into and out of a yard, giving the sheep space, and right up to more advanced work including driving and basic shedding.

The image shows all three volumes of our sheep herding and stock dog training DVDs

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Disk 1 Chapters

The chapters on volume 1 of the sheepdog training tutorials DVD 1 set

Disk one covers general issues of sheep work and how to get some control of your dog.

  • First things first - revealed at last! The Golden Rule of Sheepdog Training!
  • The Training Stick - how it can solve some common training problems.
  • Starting a Young Puppy - 2 chapters - how to build confidence, right from the start.
  • Starting a Strong Dog - A strong dog can be difficult to train, but it's well worth the effort.
  • Give the Sheep Space - It's essential to keep the dog back off the sheep.
  • Sticky Dogs! - how to cure what's commonly known as "eye".
  • Calm but Firm - working with a sensitive but aggressive sheepdog.

Disk 2 Chapters

The chapters on volume 1 of the sheepdog training tutorials DVD 2 set

Disk two shows how to move on from the basics and teach the dog to do practical work around the farm.

  • The Outrun - 2 chapters - get the outrun right and the rest should follow.
  • Close Work - 2 chapters - teach your dog to help with sheep management.
  • Driving - 3 chapters - how to put the sheep anywhere you want them.
  • Shedding - more advanced work for sorting sheep out in the field.

There's also a chapter on the Sheepdog Whistle - the definitive guide to blowing the sheepdog whistle. This chapter has been lifted (and re-edited) from the "First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training" DVD

Cumulatively, the Sheepdog Training Tutorials DVDs are probably the most comprehensive sheepdog training programme currently available. Buy one or more volumes now | Watch Tutorials Online

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