DVD – Footcare in Cattle

Hoof Structure and Trimming for Bovine Foot Health

Cover picture of Footcare in Cattle DVD with Roger Blowey

Cows suffer when they're affected with lameness and overgrown feet.

They go on to lose weight, have lowered milk yields and, in more serious cases, reduced fertility. In this programme, Roger Blowey combines theory with practice to help farmers address what has become a major problem in the dairy industry.

Using laboratory specimens Roger first discusses the structure of the foot, the effects of foot overgrowth and how this contributes to cow discomfort and ailments such as foot ulcers.

He then goes on to the farm to demonstrate trimming to a young dairy farmer, Christine Freeman. Christine tackles trimming her first foot.

Roger Blowey FRCVS is a partner in a Gloucestershire veterinary practice and author of A Veterinary Book for Dairy Farmers.

Photo showing the cross section of a real cow's foot
Anatomy of a dairy cow foot
Photo of the underside of a cow's foot
A typical hoof of a dairy cow.
  • Introduction
  • The Anatomy of the Foot
  • The foot: wall, heel, and the white line
  • The corium: laminae, the white line, the digital cushion
  • The paedal bone
  • Hoof Trimming Theory
  • Weight bearing surfaces
  • Problems caused through overgrowth
  • Cuts used for trimming and their purpose
  • Hoof Trimming Practice
  • The problems of overgrowth
  • Equipment for hoof trimming
  • Cuts one, two and three
  • Sole ulcers
  • Equalising claws
  • Over-trimming
  • Heel problems
  • Practical Lesson
  • Hoof problems caused by the environment
  • Cuts one, two and three
  • All clearly described and demonstrated

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Lameness in cattle is a big problem for dairy farms
Important DVD info
Run time : 55 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (Full)
Regions : Region 2 & 4
Video Format : PAL
Language : English
Subtitles : No
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