DVD – First Steps in Shearing

Learn to shear sheep - how-to guide from the British Wool Marketing Board


A DVD to assist complete beginners and anyone wishing to improve and perfect their shearing skills, full of practical shearing and sheep handling advice.

Made by experienced practitioners, "First Steps in Shearing" will complement a preliminary training course and be a reference for trainees.


The information covered includes preparation of the shearing area (just as important as learning a good technique), gear and safety procedures (including electrical safety), and a detailed 'blow by blow' shearing demonstration.

Having watched this DVD we really wish we'd seen it before we tried to shear our first sheep. The experienced shearers make it look so easy, and their smooth results and calm sheep are something for us to aspire to, but it's the useful tips that make this 30 minute DVD invaluable.

Down to earth, practical and sheep-friendly, we highly recommend this well filmed and clearly narrated DVD to anyone who wants to learn sheep shearing - or has had sheep shearing thrust upon them!

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