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Highlights of New Zealand TV's Country Calendar series

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Three hours - 12 programmes - of New Zealand's long-running Country Calendar series.

For over 45 years TVNZ's Country Calendar has brought the best of New Zealand's farming and countryside to the screen. Over two thougand programmes.

In 2010, veteran presenter Frank Torley was asked to select his twelve favourites. This is the result - three hours ranging all over the country from 1974 to the present.

We know New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and this selection contains some wonderful filming.

There are plenty of cattle, sheep, dogs and horses on view, as well as items on deer, land management, wine growing and bee keeping, but it it the people you will remember. Outdoors men and women full of energy and enterprise from the couple producing wine with no experience, to the fifteen year olds running 3,500 up-country acres.

  • Class 8 Country:   -   Restoration of over-grazed land
  • Deer Capture:   -   1970's capture of wild stock for farming
  • Snow Raking:   -   Livestock rescue in high country snowstorm
  • Sweat, Steam and the Straw Wallpaper:   -   Steam thrashing and horse drawn binder
  • Orange Roughey:   -   Follows research into stocks of the fish species
  • Blind Bee Farmer:   -   Bryce Hooton's new enterprise after accidental blinding
  • Twins:   -   Fifteen year olds with big-station responsibility
  • Wild Cattle McGarrie:   -   An exciting muster along the coastline and into the sea
  • Branches Station:   -   An Autumn muster of cattle and sheep in high country
  • Wild Cattle:   -   Helicopter roundup
  • Vines on the Hill:   -   How to succeed in wine production with no experience
  • Dunstan Downs:   -   An artist inspired by hard country Merino work

Cattle, sheep and deer farming are all well represented, as well as land management, bee keeping, fishing and wine growing, and all set within the fantastic scenery for which New Zealand is famous.

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