DVD – Come Bye and Away

The early stages of sheepdog training with H Glyn Jones

Front cover of DVD showing Glyn Jones with dogs

Focusing on that crucial moment when a young dog is first let loose with sheep, Glyn Jones shows how he teaches the four key commands and gains the dog's willing co-operation.

This is the core requirement in the training of a sheepdog to any level and the element which newcomers find so hard to master.

Glyn Jones was an International Supreme Champion and three times winner of the BBC's "One Man and His Dog" brace championships.

"Come Bye! and Away!" is the first of three DVDs by H Glyn Jones. The other titles,"That'll Do!" and "Take Time!" are also available from the online DVD shop.

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Derek Scrimgeour (wearing tabard) and Glyn Jones (right) at the world sheepdog trials in 2002
H Glyn Jones (right) with competitors Derek Scrimgeour & Ben and friends at the first ever World Trial in September 2002

Additional Info

Glyn Jones is an international Supreme Champion Trialist and three times winner of the One Man and His Dog brace championships.

His training book, A Way of Life: Sheepdog Training, Handling and Trialling, has proved outstandingly popular.

The sequel to this DVD, That'll Do!, shows how to train dogs for more detailed work over a wider area and includes Brace Work.

Take Time! is a practical DVD in which Glyn instructs two very different dogs and their handlers how to correct a number of common faults.

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2 Replies to “DVD – Come Bye and Away”

  1. Hullo Andy and Gill,
    I have ummed and aahd about sending this email for some time now. I’ve just been watching the golden rules of sheepdog (or any dog) training and it spurred me on to express my feelings about something.
    I love your tutorials and your care for both dog and sheep and also your willingness to own up to your failures. We have gained lots of useful tips to help us with our Mystee the Border Collie.

    So you are saying what’s my problem? Firstly let me say – money back is not what this email is about. I really mean that. Some time back I purchased a DVD from you – COME BYE and AWAY by Glyn Jones.
    I see that he is a champion trialist and has won this and that. I may be a lone voice here, but I’d like to think that anyone who purchased this DVD would be as appalled as myself on this mans training methods. I could only watch about 10 minutes of it and just couldn’t bear to watch any more. The dog he was attempting to teach ‘Down’ with, was petrified of him and tried to hide behind its Kennel rather than approach him. I persevered and training went out to a field but his methods were no better.

    Really the thing that troubles me and why I am writing to you, is that a DVD showing DOMINANCE training is advertised on your very good website, which looks like you promote this mans lack of knowledge of dogs, but you yourself come across with a kinder POSITIVE way to understand and train.

    I don’t know how you teach a Down and it may be in your tutorials that I haven’t watched yet, but I could teach a Down in 5 minutes and have a happy dog without laying a finger on it, not a cowed miserable little creature as in his DVD.
    I would really appreciate your comments and reasons from your point of view as to why this dominance training video would be a good thing for your website. I know you must have watched the DVD and thats where my confusion is, as you are a much different trainer than he.
    Looking forward to a response.

    1. Hello Joan, and thanks for your comments on Come Bye & Away.

      Yes, you’re right; if the dog’s close to you, within reach of the odd titbit or a praising voice, then any Border collie can be taught to cheerfully sit, lie down or stand (for example) within about 10 minutes. However, don’t confuse basic obedience training with training a dog to work with livestock. To work with stock the dog is using its hunting instinct, and it’s our job to shape and control that instinct. When a dog is working away from us, even just 50 yards, it can do considerable damage to sheep or cattle if it disobeys.

      We’ve had obedience champions attend our training courses, and more than a few of them have either been horrible to the sheep, or have completely disregarded their handler’s commands or, at worst, both. One poor man left distraught; he was so embarrassed when his dog, a consistent winner in Open Class C, seemed beyond his control.

      I know, from when you were first in touch with us, that your own dog had basic obedience in place but wasn’t responding to commands once she was excited and chasing the calves. This is typical of a keen young dog in early training, and this is where obedience training and sheepdog training are so different.

      Let me say that the first time we watched this DVD (actually, it was so long ago it was on VHS) the session you’re referring to made us feel uncomfortable too. Now that we’ve trained, or been involved with, hundreds of working dogs we better understand the process. We don’t teach the Lie Down in the same way that Glyn Jones demonstrates it on this DVD, because we find gaining the dog’s respect, and recognition that their trainer is the “pack leader” to be far more beneficial. In a hunting situation the trainee dog will respond far better if it recognises the trainer as its pack leader.

      An excellent way to find out whether your dog accepts you as its leader is to take it for a walk (away from stock) on a lead. If the dog pulls, it’s trying to control the speed you walk at. If the lead remains slack for the majority of the time, the dog has accepted your leadership. It’s as simple as that. There’s more on this in the Bronwen & Scylla 1 tutorial, and we attach so much importance to it that we’ll be making an entire tutorial on the subject soon.

      Any handler, in any discipline, consulting any trainer whether by book, DVD, or on a training course, has to consider what they’re being told, sift out what makes sense or feels comfortable for them, and then discard the rest. We’ve always stressed this to our training groups – not everyone will agree with our methods – but there have been times (and dogs) that have made us re-assess our training and re-visit something we’d previously discounted.

      The DVDs on the website are offered in much the same spirit. As you suggest, Glyn was a consistent and extremely successful trainer and trialler at the highest level: his DVDs have much to offer, even if not everything aligns with our own way of working.

      To illustrate this, I suggest you watch the following tutorials (log in required):

      And for some new ideas about using the dogs’ own body language, try The Natural Way (book or DVD) by Julie Hill.

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