DVD – Border Collie Sheepdogs – Off Duty!

Eighty minutes of pure joy from start to finish!

Guaranteed to be the best fun Border Collie DVD you've ever seen! If you love Border Collies, you'll simply adore Border Collie Sheepdogs - Off Duty!

picture of the DVD and case

We've lost count of the letters, emails and wonderful comments we've received from delighted viewers! You and your family or friends will watch it again and again!

Featuring your old favourites, Glen, Mel, Dennis, Pearl, Maddie, Jill, Nobby and many more of the sheepdogs from Kings Green Farm.

Imagine watching around twenty sheepdogs and cute border collie puppies racing through fields, woods and bridleways, over styles, swimming, digging, exploring, playing together - some spending a day by the sea - and Mel shooting a very funny Sega computer game advert . . .

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Newly born border collie pups with their devoted mother
There's a whole chapter about the cutest border collie puppies, as well as most of our dogs at work and play on this amazing DVD!

Now capture the fast action, hilarious antics and delightful puppy scenes, with stunning professional video photography.

Finally, set it to 18 powerful, and varied music tracks which fit the scenes absolutely perfectly, and the result is the most amazing Border Collie action DVD you've ever seen.

Watch the sheepdogs and cute puppies of Kings Green Farm in action and relaxing together in ways the average pet owner never sees. This program's a great gift for all dog lovers and children - over 80 minutes of joy for Border Collie lovers! It's a wonderful film for any dog loving family. You, your children and your dog loving friends will watch it over and over again!

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From the Back Cover

Border collie sheepdog pearl
Pearl is one of the stars on "Border Collie Sheepdogs - Off Duty"

The sadly missed BBC television programme, "One Man and His Dog" was the introduction for many to what must surely be the most versatile dog breed in the world.

Loyal, intelligent and athletic, Border Collies can be seen competing at the highest level in dog sports, dominating even Crufts' Agility, Flyball and Obedience finals, but its amazing sheep herding instinct remains the border collie sheepdog's most admired talent.

But everyone needs a holiday! Much as they enjoy their training and sheep herding, the working sheep dogs at Kings Green Farm are no exception

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Run time:80 min (aprx)
Aspect Ratio:4:3 (Full)
Regions:ALL Regions
Video Format:PAL / NTSC
Please contact us if you need more information on the suitability of this DVD for your equipment.

Pearl, Mel and Glen pictured on the cover (above) all play a major part in the movie, together with more than twenty other dogs who've lived or stayed here for training, or as puppies.

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