Books – Farming, Shepherding and Sheepdog Training

A Way of Life   -   BOOK

Front cover of Glyn Jones' training book, A Way of Life

Sheepdog training, handling and trialling with the late H Glyn Jones.. A Way of Life", written with Barbara Collins, is a highly readable mix of training advice and reminiscence over a long life spent with working dogs. As well as training, from starting the young dog to polishing the performance of a trials dog, the book looks at the finer points of trialling and includes detailed diagrams and descriptions of trials courses.   More info

How to Become a First-Generation Farmer   -   BOOK

How to get started in farming

John Terry's latest book is written for the first-generation farmer, but will appeal to anyone with an interest in farming and rural life in the UK It guides potential farmers through finding, renting or buying land; obtaining planning permission in a greenbelt area; farm buildings and development; rules, regulations and insurance. Packed with practical information, and written in an accessible and readable style, this book will encourage and inspire any aspiring smallholder or farmer, and entertain and inform anyone considering a move to the country.   More info

The Natural Way   -   BOOK

Front cover of sheepdog training The Natural Way

The latest and updated edition of Julie Hill's bestseller, The Natural Way, keeps the wisdom of her DVD, The Natural Way, within easy reach at all times! Julie has developed her pressure/release techniques over years of working with her own dogs. In this lavishly illustrated and attractively presented book, Julie explains the intricacies of communication between handler, dog and sheep, and how to use the knowledge to improve your training and handling.   More info

One Man's Opinion   -   BOOK

Colin Gordon's book about judging sheepdog trials - One Man's Opinion

Colin Gordon's great book about judging sheepdog trials!
Founded in practical sheep farming experience, Colin explains what he's looking for in a trial run, and why.  More info

The Shepherd's Life   -   BOOK

The Shepherd's Life by James Rebanks front cover

A book by James Rebanks about the life of a sheep farmer in the Lake District. Life as a hill farmer in Cumbria is a pipe-dream for many town-bound country lovers yearning for a simpler way of life, but some are born to it - despite anything they may have planned. As the Herdwick Shepherd, James has attracted a massive Twitter following throughout the world, attracted by his unpretentious appreciation of his life and landscape, and hooked by the beautiful and evocative photographs, many of which appear in the book.   More info

Dogs of the Shepherds   -   BOOK

Front cover of Dogs of the Shepherds by David Hancock

A review of the pastoral dog breeds. David Hancock's latest book is about farmers' dogs, the working companions whose innate skills and livestock sense make sheep and cattle farming possible. It's not a training or dog care manual. Dogs of the Shepherds is a highly researched review of the pastoral dogs' contribution to the working and companion dog scene, an examination of their past and performance, and of their prospects in an increasingly urban society.   More info

From Rural Tranquility to National Crisis   -   BOOK

Front cover of David Harwood book

From Vet School to Government Veterinary Investigator. David Harwood's new book describes his life as a farm vet with plenty of anecdotes about the characters he met and worked with. After studying at the Royal Veterinary College, David worked in farm veterinary practices in the Midlands and South West England. His book gives us an insider's view of farm animal health issues during the crises of BSE, Foot and Mouth, and Avian influenza.   More info

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