Book – The Natural Way

The Natural Way - the book of the film!

Front cover of sheepdog training The Natural Way

The latest and updated edition of Julie Hill's bestseller, The Natural Way, keeps the wisdom of her DVD, The Natural Way, within easy reach at all times!

Julie has developed her pressure/release techniques over years of working with her own dogs. In this lavishly illustrated and attractively presented book, Julie explains the intricacies of communication between handler, dog and sheep, and how to use the knowledge to improve your training and handling.

It's more than a sheepdog training book. Between the text there are anecdotes, "Julie's Tips" and "From the Clinic" [training!] stories, making it a book to dip into in a spare moment.

Applying Julie's insight into dog communication will enhance any owner's relationship with their dog, whether a working dog or pet, champion border collie or happy hybrid!

The book of "The Natural Way" stands alone as a training guide, but will wonderfully complement the DVD and be a welcome addition to any dog trainer's bookshelf.

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Softback book - 197 pages
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