Book – How to Become a First Generation Farmer

An inspiring new book by John Terry

How to get started in farming

John Terry's latest book is written for the first-generation farmer, but will appeal to anyone with an interest in farming and rural life in the UK.

John was originally a teacher, and as head of a rural studies department he set up a school farm before establishing the farming enterprise which is now his full-time business.

This encouraging book guides the potential farmer through finding, renting or buying land; obtaining planning permission in a greenbelt area; farm buildings and development; rules, regulations and insurance.

Starting with sheep, cattle, poultry, goats and pigs are all covered, together with an introduction to their common ailments, and if you're thinking of something more exotic, llamas, alpacas, deer and water buffalo are covered too. There's even a section about heavy horses.

Aside from livestock there's haymaking and silage to consider, and a look at arable.

Packed with practical information, and written in an accessible and readable style, this book will encourage and inspire any aspiring smallholder or farmer, and entertain and inform anyone considering a move to the country and the possibilities it offers.

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