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Herding sheepdog training clearly explained and demonstrated

Volume 1
2xDVD | All Regions | 167 mins
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    Vol 1 (17 chapters):
  • The golden rule!
  • The training stick
  • Starting a young pup 1 & 2
  • Starting a strong dog
  • Give the sheep space
  • Sticky dogs
  • Calm but firm
  • The outrun 1 & 2
  • Close work 1 & 2
  • Driving 1, 2 & 3
  • Shedding
  • The whistle
Herding dog training DVD with case

Volume 2
2xDVD | All Regions | 160 mins
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    Vol 2 (16 chapters):
  • What comes next?
  • Backwards, the way forward
  • How often and how long?
  • Circle on command
  • Training shorts 1-6
  • Teaching whistle commands
  • Coming out
  • Eve at the pen
  • Sheepdog trials 1-2
Cover and Disks of our Sheepdog Training Tutorials DVD volume 3

Volume 3
2xDVD | All Regions | 238 mins
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    Vol 3 (16 chapters):
  • Get off the fence
  • Balance, what's the point?
  • Send the dog the wrong way
  • The sheepdog
  • Woolly jumpers
  • Don't make excuses
  • Outrun 3, the slingshot
  • Nice is not enough
  • Training Max the gripper
  • Eliminate the toilet break
  • Tess in the open field
  • Bronwen & Scylla 1-5

Clearly explained, practical sheepdog training tutorials on DVD, for those unable or preferring not to watch our Online Sheepdog Training Tutorial Videos.

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Using a mix of video, original graphics, and slow motion to demonstrate the action more clearly and in more detail than ever before, the online tutorials don’t simply show you a better way to train. Andy’s training methods work with the dog and its natural hunting instinct; but every dog (and, for that matter, every handler) is different, so we also explain how and why the training techniques work.

Working with sheep is a potentially stressful situation for a young or inexperienced dog, so by understanding how the dog feels about hunting (herding), about the prey (sheep), about its own vulnerability and about leadership (that’s you) the handler is in the best position to understand why things are going wrong, and how to correct or prevent it.

We explain what's happening and why, how to improve the sheepdog's performance, and, because training won’t always go to plan, you'll also see things going wrong. We show common mistakes (by both handler and dog) and how to make the best of any situation, even to turn an apparently chaotic disaster to your advantage.

Sheepdog trainer Andy Nickless not only guides you through the central topic, but points out other important events and factors that arise along the way.

You’ll face new challenges with every dog you train, so arm yourself with this latest collection of easy to follow, entertaining and informative Sheepdog Training Tutorials.