DVD – A Wartime Winter and Summer

Farming food production and country life as it was during the second world war

Farming during World War Two

A 2xDVD set covering the 12 part TV series in which Paul Heiney recreates a year in the life of a typical British farm during World War Two.

When the Second World War broke out, Britain faced much more than a military crisis. Two thirds of our food was imported, but these imports were immediately halted by the German blockade. If Britain was not to starve, it had to do two things: reduce consumption of food in the home and increase production on the farm.

Both objectives were achieved. Output from Britain's farms doubled, and rationing eked out scarce food, with the result that nobody starved. The story of how this was achieved is told in this twelve part series.

A Wartime Winter and A Wartime Summer recreate a year in the life of a wartime farm, growing the crops which were of such vital importance - wheat, sugar beet, potatoes, flax and hay. Wartime food advisor and cookery writer Marguerite Patten is just one of the many knowledgeable interviewees - including farmers and land girls - who give eye witness accounts of those extraordinary times

Growing crops vital to the war effort, using only authentic methods, the programme gives a fascinating insight into the challenge of wartime life in the countryside.

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