DVDs – Herding and Sheepdog Training

First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training   -   2xDVD

First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training Cover Picture

FROM CHAOS TO CONTROL! A sheepdog training DVD that shows sheepdog training as it really is "warts and all". Professionally recorded, and presented in a clear easy to understand manner by sheepdog trainer Andy Nickless, who runs regular sheepdog training classes in England, this 2xDVD set shows not only how to set your dog up for success, but what to do when things go wrong (as they will for even the best sheepdog trainers).   More info

Sheepdog Training Tutorials Volume 1   -   2xDVD

Herding sheepdog training clearly explained and demonstrated

Chapters 1-17 of our Online Sheepdog Training Tutorials, now on DVDs. Straightforward, clear, informative, no-nonsense video tutorials for beginner and more advanced trainers. From the most basic Golden Rule of sheepdog training, through to starting a strong dog and more advanced topics like driving, the 17 chapters clearly show what's happening and why, then how to correct faults you see.   More info

Sheepdog Training Tutorials - Volume 2   -   2xDVD

Herding dog training DVD with case

Chapters 18-35 of our Online Sheepdog Training Tutorials, now on DVDs. In a further seventeen instructional chapters, volume two covers a variety of training challenges, from improving control and steadying the young sheepdog's work, through pen and yard work, and for the more ambitious trainers, preparation for sheepdog trials.   More info

Sheepdog Training Tutorials - Volume 3   -   2xDVD

Cover and Disks of our Sheepdog Training Tutorials DVD volume 3

Over a full sixteen chapters, volume three covers a variety of training challenges, such as dealing with a dog which is really aggressive with stock, how to get sheep away from a fence or out of a corner, understanding the point of balance and an in depth look at the sheepdog and how to prepare one for training.   More info

Starting Your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks   -   DVD


Working Border Collie magazine said:"Anyone interested in training a stock dog would benefit greatly from this production".
Starting Your Border Collie takes you through the early months with your puppy, its nutritional and veterinary needs, the basic commands and then onto a full training program when five young dogs start their working lives.
"Starting Your Border Collie" will be invaluable to anyone who needs an all-round working farm dog.   More info

Come Bye and Away   -   DVD

Sheepdog training DVD by H Glyn Jones

Focusing on that crucial moment when a young dog is first let loose with sheep, Glyn Jones shows how he teaches the four key commands and gains the dog's willing co-operation. This is the core requirement in the training of a sheepdog to any level
Glyn Jones was an International Supreme Champion and three times winner of the BBC's "One Man and His Dog brace championships.   More info

That'll Do   -   DVD

herding sheepdog training  dvd with Glyn Jones

Widening the dog's experience. Second in a series of three DVDs by International Sheepdog Trials Champion H Glyn Jones assisted by BBC TV's One Man and His Dog presenter Eric Halsall, 'That'll Do!' takes the sheepdog's training to a more advanced stage than 'Come Bye! And Away!' and is the only DVD we know of that includes Brace Work.
The young pup, Jimmy, from the first DVD is now taught to control his sheep.   More info

Take Time   -   DVD

Sheep dog training with Glyn Jones

Third in the classic series of three DVDs by International Sheepdog Trials Champion H Glyn Jones assisted by BBC TV's One Man and His Dog presenter Eric Halsall, 'Take Time' shows how to cure common faults and improve the work of your dog. Glyn coaches two handlers (one a shepherdess, the other a smallholder) and their dogs.
Glyn Jones takes two very different dogs and their handlers through their paces.   More info

The Natural Way   -   DVD

Herding Sheepdog training dvd with Julie Hill

A new DVD from International Supreme and Brace trials winner, Julie Hill.
Julie uses the same subtle body language and gestures that dominant members of the pack use towards others; she reads the dog's own body language to adapt her approach to suit each individual's temperament and ability. The Natural Way techniques can be equally applied to pet and working dogs.   More info

    Clear, inexpensive, sheep and cattle dog training instruction

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6 thoughts on “DVDs – Herding and Sheepdog Training”

  1. Hi Andy

    I saw you’re video on you-tube and would like to know if the video will work the same for an Australian Kelpie. We Farm with Dohne merino sheep here in South Africa and I need help since it will be my very first Dog herding sheep. What DVD’S do you recommend for me, the puppy is born 8 April 2016.

    Kind regard
    Danie van Staden

    1. Hello Danie,

      Thanks for your question.

      If you’re a complete beginner with sheepdogs and sheep, then First Steps starts at the very beginning. First Steps explains how and why dogs work sheep, as well as showing you how to arrange your training area for the best chance of success. If you have some experience with sheep, then some of First Steps would be too basic for you (I imagine) so the Tutorials collections would give you more detail about starting a puppy or a young dog, and help you progress to a higher level of work and training.

      All of the DVDs we sell will teach you something about training your dog (or we wouldn’t stock them) but my advice would be to start with our own Tutorials DVDs and then watch Glyn Jones, Martin Penfold, Nij Vyas and Julie Hill to see a slightly different perspective or emphasis.

      We send DVDs all over the world, but South Africa poses a particular problem for us, with delivery being very unreliable. There’s no tracking available for post sent to South Africa once it’s left the UK – only the option to have the item signed for when it’s delivered, which doesn’t really help either me or the buyer to find out where it is.

      Have you considered watching the tutorials online? I realise that depends on your broadband speed, but you can test that by watching the sample tutorial that’s available if you register (for free) for the website.

      We’ve successfully used the techniques we describe in our tutorials with Border collies, Beardies and Kelpies, and we now have three Kelpies for training. We’ll soon be including footage of our work with the Kelpies in the online tutorials, either incorporated into Border collie tutorials or on their own.

      Thanks again for your interest.


  2. This is perhaps a bit unusual. I am a writer trying to clarify terms, and a long time ago I think that I heard of a term called “shedding” that I think had more to do with dogs pulling members of a herd away from the group. Is this a real term for herding dogs? I really appreciate any information you can give on this! Thank you

  3. Hello, I would like to buy one of your DVD or video tutorials as a birthday gift to my daugter but would ask you for advise which one to choose. She did several trainings with her dog (Border Collie) and 2-days seminar and is continuing to do trainings apx.once or twice a month. Would it be better to subscribe for online training videos or buy some of your DVD’s? Also please let me know if its possible to ask for delivery on London address (as I will be there next week to pick it up) thought we are living in Slovenia and I will pay with EUR credit card?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Irena,

      Provided your daughter’s broadband connection is reliable then a subscription to the online tutorials would give her over 50 tutorials to watch immediately, and access to all the new tutorials we add to the library. There’s no limit to the number of times she can watch, and we’re always happy to answer questions from subscribers if they have a specific problem, or if something isn’t clear to them.

      If you’d prefer to buy a DVD then any of the three will be helpful in your daughter’s training, I’m sure. All three volumes of the tutorials cover a variety of issues, from starting a puppy with sheep to training a strong, and rather aggressive, dog (Max, the gripper).

      Delivery to Slovenia is not a problem; all the DVD prices include delivery so the price in Euros will cover delivery to you. However, if you’d like to have an order delivered to London then please buy in GBP and include the full postal address.

      I hope that helps.

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